Tim Wilson, Correspondent, TVNZ New Zealand

Grant Peacock is fantastic. While I was the U.S. correspondent for New Zealand's national broadcaster, I worked with him on many stories, including the Virginia Tech massacre, and interviewing Hillary Clinton at the U.S. State Department. Two very different situations, with very different demands. Grant met all the challenges with grace and efficiency. His technical skills only add to his abilities as a cameraman, and he always keeps calm under pressure. He is also unfailingly honest. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to prospective clients.

Dennis Wholey, Host, 'This is America', PBS

Considering working with Grant Peacock? -- just do it. Grant always put together a full crew -- lighting efficiently and exactly and executing programs -- often two or three on a shoot -- with perfection. 

Perfection is the key to Grant's work.  He is practical, enthusiastic, cooperative, calm and patient.  All important since we interview top journalists, authors, celebrities, Ambassadors, etc. 

And the price was always fair and reasonable. Just do it.